I engage in outreach and extension activities to inform my research agenda and increase the impact of research in the fields of agricultural, managerial, and labor economics. Learning first hand about the issues and challenges faced by people throughout the agricultural system motivates me to disseminate studies that can contribute to new and more effective solutions and to produce research that addresses unanswered questions with real-world applicability and value. To date, most of my extension activities center around US agricultural workers and aims to illuminate government policies, employer actions, and other mechanisms that can improve worker well-being and enhance the social and economic sustainability of US agricultural production.

On this page you will find a selection of my outreach materials that I have assembled for government, industry, and community stakeholders.

Select Recent Materials

Agricultural Overtime Laws

Potential Impacts of Agricultural Overtime Laws
Alexandra E Hill and Trenton K Tanabe
Choices Magazine, vol. 32(2), 2023
Slides: Overtime for Agricultural Workers
Alexandra E Hill
National Council of Agricultural Employers, 2023 Ag Labor Forum

Colorado Farms and Ranches Survey Findings

Agricultural Workforce Development

Slides: Creating More Effective Farm Teams
Alexandra E Hill
2023 Great Lakes Expo

Other Materials


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